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                                           Seyyed  Hadi  Kashani

Seyed Hadi Kashani is one of the most moral fanciers in Qom. he has  tried  to breed 
pigeons and since 2000 years and during this time, he held 10 competitions with some
rivals from Qom and Kashan. Results of his efforts  are reproduction of  the specific
pigeons with unique form and colors like Kaleh-Masti( black with white head) and pale
blue(Sabz in dialect of Qom) -you can see in his photo gallery. He is keeping his
pigeons with collaboration with  Mr. Amir Kheiri Saadat and Mr Majid Saadatkia.
This team's motto is  "friendship , love of pigeons and endevour" they look into future.
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